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Your greatest success and happiness in life will be found when you use your natural abilities to their fullest extent. Happiness is not in having but in BEING. The essence of true wisdom is to know that rest is rest, and that life is activity, laughter, and love.

You were created to conquer your environment, to solve problems, and to achieve goals. You'll find no real satisfaction or happiness in life without opportunities to conquer and goals to achieve.

Yes, there is true happiness. It's found in doing a job well done, in achieving a worthy goal, in putting your child to sleep, and in writing the last line of your story. Your personal growth itself contains the seed of happiness. Happiness is a process not a product. What are you finding most interesting to put your energy into?

~ Betsy A. Haas, MA

"By watching the mechanics of the mind, you step out of its resistance patterns, and you can then allow the present moment to be."

~Eckhart Tolle (author of The Power of Now)

Affirmation: I am BEING in service which is the core of living in and with Humanity


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